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Lost and Found

Minus the "and Found" part. And not so much "Lost" as "Stolen". So I guess that title was a big, fat, lie.

I went snowboarding this weekend in Vermont, about an hour north of school. We found a great deal at a Stratton-- like $100 each for two nights' lodging and lift tickets. So we went up on Friday night and got a nice long day in on Saturday. Decent conditions, no lines on the lifts, it felt great to be back out on my board after so long. After the last run of the day, we went to the bar in the base lodge for a drink, leaving our gear on the racks outside the lodge.

Two beers later, my snowboard was nowhere to be found. The cop who came to take the report was kind enough to inform me that they never, ever found this stuff "but [I] could fill out hte report if [I] want to". THANKS FOR THE EFFORT, COP-MAN.

I spent the rest of the weekend discovering my apparently limitless capacity for self-pity. I mean, In my futile quest to try and find my stuff or get a refund on my lift ticket or something, I had to tell about six different Stratton employees that my gear was stolen. And I was thisclose to crying every freakin' time. You know, I try to not be defined by my stuff, and I'm generally not the type made happy by expensive toys and all of that. But I really loved that thing. So I'm just going to have a bratty day today and be really upset that my high-school graduation present from my parents got stolen.

Somewhere out there somebody has my red K2 Luna 151 cm snowboard with matching sparkly red Salomon FastFit bindings. Whoever you are, I hope you fall off the lift and break your leg. Hell, break both. And tear your ACL's.

Also? The board needs a wax and tune-up really, really bad. SO THERE.


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