maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. -arthur miller


Recipe for Disaster

-twelve (12) 20-ish college women, highly varying personality types
- one (1)rugby club for them to run
- eight (8) bottles of champagne (Andre brand ideal, any variety, only $3.50 a bottle (we're classy))
- chips, salsa, cheese, crackers, baby carrots...really any snack food.
- one handle of Jose Cuervo (1.75 Liters. Non-negotiable.)

- First, assign each girl a position of quesitionable authority. Watch them butt heads and develop minor grudges.
- let stew for eight (8) weeks (exact time can vary, certainly eight is enough. For better results, wait longer).
- add champagne, snack food. Mix well for at least one (1) hour.
- watch the most fantastic inter-personal meltdown any of us have ever seen ensue. Crying, screaming, running away, and attempts to take a swing at one another should all appear. Once a little bit of truth comes out, the explosion is over. Remnants should be found not only in original container, but also in nearby stairwells and bathrooms.
- Add tequila. Watch the girls hug and make proclomations of "a sisterhood".
- Add more tequila. Watch them vomit.

Make at your own risk.


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