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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I came home this weekend for two reasons: to eat turkey, and to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Now, I'm not one of those crazy Harry Potter people who think the books really are for adults and are just so magical and OH MY GOD YOU HAVEN'T READ THEM? HOW DO YOU LIVE?

That's not me. I practically had to be tied down to read the first one, and then read 2-5 when my boss at my summer job was aghast that I dare work with children without having read HP cover to cover. So she lent me one book each week until I was caught up, and then she lent me the latest this summer. (She, without a doubt, falls into the above category. They're good people, but...misguided, a little.)

Despite initial reluctance, at this point I have to say that I'm sucked in. And the latest movie was really, really satisfying. Did it cut out parts of the book? God, yes. The book was like 600 pages long. My brother wasn't thrilled with how they cut it down, but I thought it was well done. Like, you don't get all of the Ministry of Magic stuff from the book, but HOW GEEKY CAN YOU BE to complain that you didn't get enough of the Cornelius Fudge/Bartemius Crouch dynamic.

So yes. I liked it. It's a little like watching Star Wars, in that the special effects are completely astounding and the acting is kinda lacking. That said, it is MUCH better written than most of the Star Wars movies, and had at least a few moments of real honesty. Sure, it's a movie about wizards and dragons and all of that, but the moment where a fourteen year old boy finally realizes that his best friend is, like, an actual girl, or the conversation where the Hermione asks Ron and Harry to write to her during the summer, and they're teasing each other in that way that best friends do when they know each other so well they can't even try to BS each other...those moments really worked for me, and they grounded the movie to a place where you almost believed it was real.

And then there was evil, evil, Ralph Fiennes. ohhhhhhh god, is he evil in this movie. As Voldemort, Fiennes is the epitome of sniveling, bald, noseless evil. The man is equally convincing as a Nazi, an amnesiac British soldier, and Wallace and Gromit's arch-nemesis (Dear Ralph, No more movies with J.Lo, please. I'm just looking out for you here.)

I really liked Hermione's wardrobe. Is that wrong?

Ron needs a haircut. My brother had some weird theory about the long hair hiding the fact that he's like seventeen now, but I think the poor kid just needs some good advice. Ron got fugged!

Overall? The latest Harry Potter is as magical as ever, and about twelve times scarier.


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