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Absurd to the 104.7th

Krystle, Jen and I went to our local Chinese/Japanese place tonight for sushi and, more importantly, saki bombing. For the uninitiated, saki bombing consists of copius amounts of Sapporo beer, with sake balanced above on chopsticks and ceremoniously dumped in. And then you drink the Sapporo/Sake mixture. And you enjoy it.

So we're at the restaurant, enjoying our sushi. Our favorite waitress comes over and invites us to her birthday party, taking place like an hour and a half later at the restaurant. Three Sapporos and carafes of Sake later, we're sticking around for the Chinese extravaganza.

Turns out? The birthday party consists of like 18 Chinese people and like 35 dishes of weird food, including fried FROGS and steamed jellyfish, both of which Jen, Krystle, and I ate politely. Plus, they fed us SO MUCH beer. We were doing shots with Sushiman who "doesn't drink", and with the owner of the restaurant.

Still, highlight of the night was when Jennie at a frog's HEAD. blechhhh.

Fishballs, jellyfish bellies, pork sausage puree stuff, solid pig blood, shrimp eyes...the things I will eat for free beer. And a little love from Raymond the waiter, who barely speaks English.

It was a weird night.

Happy Birthday, waitress Sharon.

Sakeeeeeeee BOMB!

(ps. if i can figure out how to get pictures off my phone and on to my computer, there will be visual aids aplenty with this entry. We'll see.)


  • At 11/19/2005 6:09 PM, Blogger Stacey said…

    You MUST figure out how to post pictures from that Chinese shindig. E-mail them to yourself and then download the suckers. Good God ... I've done some crazy things for free beer, but I must say - you're more woman than I am ... No way could I eat that stuff. No way...


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