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Movie Review: Prime

I had to read about a book and a half today, so I did the responsible thing and went to the movies with my friends. We saw Prime.

It's billed as a romantic comedy, so I was primed (no pun intended. blech.) for the regular meet-cute/fall in love/encounter obstacle/happily ever after formula. Nothing wrong with formula, if it's done right, and it looked like a good Sunday movie.

Let me say that Uma Thurman was, for me, the highlight of this movie. She was totally luminous and funny and mostly believable as Rafi, a recently-divorced 37 year old woman cautious about giving her heart to a younger man. The younger man, David, was played by Bryan Greenberg, who certainly held up his end of the movie as the funny, well-mannered, smokin' hot 23-year-old who falls for Uma's character. Meryl Streep plays David's mother and Rafi's therapist. Perhaps a bit of a charicature of a Jewish mother, but there were real moments of truth and humor in there.

The movie deals with David's mother's unhappiness with his bringing home a non-Jewish woman, and while at times it seemed silly, as a product of a similar household (uber-liberal and accepting--up to the point that the prodigal child brings a non-Jewish significant other home for the weekend), I thought overall it rang true.

Now I'm going to spoil the end of the movie, so deal. Here goes: They don't end up together. Rafi and David make an absurdly attractive couple and I certainly found myself rooting for them, and god knows I love a happy ending. But the movie had to go and be true to the characters, damn it, and they split. (See: Queer as Folk. I'm STILL sad about that one.)

Sigh. I need to watch something cheesy to restore my faith in perfect Hollywood love. Princess Bride, anyone?


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