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Mountain Day

We've had like three straight months of rain now (months, weeks, potato, potahto). Mixed in there was exactly one beautiful day, and we made it a good one.

One of the perks of going to a tiny old college in the middle of nowhere is that that we have two hundred years of goofy traditions in the vault. My very favorite of these (and there are many) is Mountain Day. On one of the first three Fridays in October each year we have a surprise day off from classes.

Everyone sleeps in a little, goes to a campus-wide picnic,
Me, The Dish, and Jen. Tim and Krystle in the background DJing. When your friends are the DJ, they play allllll your requests.

and then we all gather on the top of a mountain and drink hot cider and eat fresh donuts.
So there we are, hundreds of college students looking at the pretty, pretty leaves, looking shockingly like a page out of the viewbook. Some student groups sing (GOD I hate a capella. But that's another story...),

A Capella Sucks.

and the whole ridiculous group of us bumble through our alma mater (appropriately titled? "The Mountains", of course), and then we head back to school with a lot of irrational love for the college.

Wibbs, Krystle, Jen, and me. We're happy because it's not raining.

It's why we've got a billion dollar endowment, I'm sure of it.

The Dish, Jen, Angry Will, Krystle, and me. Fall is PRETTY. Too bad it snowed yesterday.


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