maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. -arthur miller


Movie Review: Prime

I had to read about a book and a half today, so I did the responsible thing and went to the movies with my friends. We saw Prime.

It's billed as a romantic comedy, so I was primed (no pun intended. blech.) for the regular meet-cute/fall in love/encounter obstacle/happily ever after formula. Nothing wrong with formula, if it's done right, and it looked like a good Sunday movie.

Let me say that Uma Thurman was, for me, the highlight of this movie. She was totally luminous and funny and mostly believable as Rafi, a recently-divorced 37 year old woman cautious about giving her heart to a younger man. The younger man, David, was played by Bryan Greenberg, who certainly held up his end of the movie as the funny, well-mannered, smokin' hot 23-year-old who falls for Uma's character. Meryl Streep plays David's mother and Rafi's therapist. Perhaps a bit of a charicature of a Jewish mother, but there were real moments of truth and humor in there.

The movie deals with David's mother's unhappiness with his bringing home a non-Jewish woman, and while at times it seemed silly, as a product of a similar household (uber-liberal and accepting--up to the point that the prodigal child brings a non-Jewish significant other home for the weekend), I thought overall it rang true.

Now I'm going to spoil the end of the movie, so deal. Here goes: They don't end up together. Rafi and David make an absurdly attractive couple and I certainly found myself rooting for them, and god knows I love a happy ending. But the movie had to go and be true to the characters, damn it, and they split. (See: Queer as Folk. I'm STILL sad about that one.)

Sigh. I need to watch something cheesy to restore my faith in perfect Hollywood love. Princess Bride, anyone?


Halloween costume ideas, courtesy of Goodwill

bex: what am i looking at
crazybrains: A Bag of Jelly Beans: You'll need a clear plastic bag. Step into the bag making holes for the legs and arms out the side. Fill the bag with different color balloons and use a flashy scarf to tie around the top of the bag. You may want to place a sign that says "Jelly Beans 5¢ " in front of the bag. For the clothing underneath just about any color leotard will work.
crazybrains: just the whole page
crazybrains: i got 2 pairs of jeans this weekend and i just googled "black jeans" because one pair is black
crazybrains: and got this
bex: what the hell is goodwillnj doing??
bex: i want to know who sat down and wrote this. and then meet them, because creative thought like this should not go unrecognized.
bex: or rather, unpunished.
crazybrains: obviously "you may want to add a sign" means "no one will know what you are"
bex: right
crazybrains:Grapevine: Grab a boom box and start blaring "Heard it Through the Grapevine!" Then get suited up in a brown body suit or leotard. Cover your body with double-sided tape. Then blow up purple balloons and attach them to the tape. For added security (it could be a windy Halloween), use garbage bag ties to affix balloons to tape.
crazybrains: this is totally psychotic
bex: craaaaazy
bex: that's a TERRIBLE costume
crazybrains: how funny is this
crazybrains:Babe Magnet: Have you always wanted to be a Babe Magnet? Seize the moment this Halloween! Get a garbage bag and cut out slots for your arms. Collect a bunch of old Barbies and attach them to you with string or tape! Start attracting!
bex: yeah i read that one
bex: brilliant.
crazybrains: Undercover Agent:
Show your wit this Halloween with this easy to assemble last minute costume. Wear a long sleeve shirt with a pocket and a pair of khakis. Then throw a blanket over you. Walla…now you’re an undercover agent!!!
crazybrains: each one is better than the next
crazybrains:i want to write to goodwill
bex: walla?
crazybrains: OH
bex: voila!
crazybrains: I JUST GOT IT
bex: walla!
crazybrains: WALLA
bex: hahahahhaha
bex: too funny
bex: me too
bex: walla walla!
crazybrains: what the hell is walla!
bex: noooo goddamn clue
crazybrains: Old Man/Woman: Dress in something old looking. Stuff some newspapers to create a large behind that juts out.
crazybrains: THATS THE BEST ONE


Mountain Day

We've had like three straight months of rain now (months, weeks, potato, potahto). Mixed in there was exactly one beautiful day, and we made it a good one.

One of the perks of going to a tiny old college in the middle of nowhere is that that we have two hundred years of goofy traditions in the vault. My very favorite of these (and there are many) is Mountain Day. On one of the first three Fridays in October each year we have a surprise day off from classes.

Everyone sleeps in a little, goes to a campus-wide picnic,
Me, The Dish, and Jen. Tim and Krystle in the background DJing. When your friends are the DJ, they play allllll your requests.

and then we all gather on the top of a mountain and drink hot cider and eat fresh donuts.
So there we are, hundreds of college students looking at the pretty, pretty leaves, looking shockingly like a page out of the viewbook. Some student groups sing (GOD I hate a capella. But that's another story...),

A Capella Sucks.

and the whole ridiculous group of us bumble through our alma mater (appropriately titled? "The Mountains", of course), and then we head back to school with a lot of irrational love for the college.

Wibbs, Krystle, Jen, and me. We're happy because it's not raining.

It's why we've got a billion dollar endowment, I'm sure of it.

The Dish, Jen, Angry Will, Krystle, and me. Fall is PRETTY. Too bad it snowed yesterday.


Hiatus? Over.

Rugby season is one week from over, midterms are very nearly finished, and I'm sure sometime soon I'll get more than five hours of sleep at a stretch. So hopefully no more ten-day breaks from here.

We had like two straight weeks of rain that dumped about nine inches of rain, six of which came in one twelve-hour period. And today it might snow.

So, as the crappy pop-punk band Reliant K would say, " lately the weather has been so bipolar (and consequently so have I)" .

More to come. Now back to the paper. And the lab report. And the problem set. That was due yesterday. Awesome.

Lately the weather has been so much better
(and consequently so have I)....



That's the approximate number of times I've watched The American President. I love it for many reasons, but primarily because the villains? Are Republicans. And they are eeeeevil. In one part, the bad, bad Republicans are talking about how they couldn't run the kind of character attacks they wanted to in the last campaign (because Republicans looooove character attacks; they're their preferred campaign strategy. At least according to Aaron Sorkin). Random Republican #1 points out that their opponent is the same guy as before, character attacks still won't stand.

Cue big evil chuckle from other Republicans. Turns out that Random Republican #1 has been on a HUNTING TRIP so he's behind on the news of the President's girlfriend. A HUNTING TRIP, people. Geez. I love stereotypes. Was he hunting gays? I think that was implied.

God, this movie is good. I'm going to go watch it again.

Unrelated: the baby panda at the National Zoo is getting officially named on Monday. My vote is for Butterstick, even though it isn't on the ballot.



Thinking Blue

After the heartbreak of the 2000 and 2004 elections, I've tried to be cautious with my optimism for the political future. Tonight I heard Joe Trippi speak, and like the Grinch before me, I think my heart grew three sizes.

Trippi, Howard Dean's campaign manager in the '04 primaries, has faith in Americans. And if he does, I think I do too. We're stuck in a cycle of transactional politics, he said. Politicians trade tax cuts, prescription drug benefits, or protection of certain values for your vote. Give your vote, get something back. Personally. What we need, what we've been lacking for forty years, is transformational leadership. Someone to tell us that it is a tax increase that might save us in the long run, and convince us that the greater good is more important.

We haven't been asking what we can do for our country for a while now, basically. Trippi told the story of Senator Akaka (D-HI) coming to see him. "What the Dean campaign has done", Akaka said, "is restored America's faith in strangers." Maybe it's true. Maybe in 2008 the Democratic party will start trusting its members to vote for what is good, rather than what looks good.

I don't know, but if this guy who has been burned by seven (!) presidential campaigns can stay hopeful, maybe I can too. I'm young. I can handle a little heartbreak.


Now Playing

On repeat this week:

It's pretty much the kind of sentimental, naval-gazing pap that my friends and I spent a lot of time ridiculing in tenth grade. That said, it's the soundtrack to my life right now.

Right now I'm listening to the Fray and reading a 600-page behemoth that of course I didn't start until like an hour ago. This book is long, and I am an idiot for procrastinating so fantastically.