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Long Night.

So it's my second night back at school, and I spent it in the hospital. Classes don't start til Thursday, so naturally we're all drinking irresponsibly while we still can, and one of my friends overdid it and so we went. It totally sucks for her, and I hope I made the right decision in calling the ambulance-- hospital bills (and telling her parents what they're for) are going to be unpleasant, but I guess that's what you get when you drink yourself unresponsive.

Anyway, I'm back in the dorm now (she's still at the hospital for at least a few hours), and I'm hoping this is the last time for a while that I'll have to watch a friend strapped to a stretcher in an ambulance.

I mean, can't we find a way to be responsibly irresponsible?


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  • At 9/04/2005 8:32 AM, Blogger mquest said…

    Binge drinking is such a great and dangerous part of being young. I bet the parents are going to rather pissed off. (And rightfully so) Getting medical help is always the best option in cases like that.
    Was this the standard pumping out the system hospital trip? (painful) Or, just a simple observation from a nurse and wait for the alcohol to filter through type trip?

  • At 9/05/2005 10:32 AM, Blogger Stacey said…

    Oh God, that's no fun - but if she wasn't responding, then you did the right thing. I hope her parents appreciate the fact that you guys got her help ... but man, are they gonna be pissed at her.
    Be safe.


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