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Jellyfish Sailboats

In a week full of serious news stories, my favorite bit of levity is this: the giant squid has, at last, been captured on film.

I mean...come on. This thing is legendary. There was like a fifteen page article about it in the New Yorker a while back, and I just ate it up. For it to be 2005, and there's an animal that no human has ever seen alive? With eyes the size of DINNER PLATES? It's too good to be true.

And yet, some scientists from Japan are now the proud owners of an 18-foot section (section!) of tentacle. So true it is.

My away message the other day was about the squid, which inspired the following conversation with HSG about scary possibly-real animals:

HSG (10:38:36 AM): i think bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. it's not the photographer's fault. bigfoot is blurry, and that's extra scary to me, because there's a large, out of focus monster roaming the countryside. run, he's fuzzy!
bex (10:39:52 AM): but even the new york times calls the giant squid a "sea monster"
bex (10:40:00 AM): freakin' huge
bex (10:40:26 AM): they brought up an 18 foot PIECE of tentacle. that means tentacles are bigger than 18 ft!
HSG (10:40:33 AM): i'm just saying, if bigfoot really is blurry, that solves the mystery of all the blurry photographs of him.
bex (10:40:45 AM): that makes sense
bex (10:41:06 AM): but some people in japan have solved the mystery of the giant squid, so you can stop thinkign about that one
bex(10:41:17 AM): except to be terrified of a 26-foot sea-beast
HSG (10:41:31 AM): bigfoot and werewolves are one phenomena, by the way... people cyclically turn into some sort of big werewolf, but then they get embarassed, so they go into the forest and run away from photographers
bex (10:41:39 AM): ugh gross. they baited it with small squids. that's so wrong.
bex(10:42:07 AM): eight arms AND two longer tentacles. bonus arms. like super-octopi.
HSG (10:42:44 AM): forget the sea thing, in a couple million years there are gonna be serious electriv eels, who shock everything close to it and then eat all the dead animals... i saw it on animal planet. future animals scare the shit out of me, and they should scare you too, because we're all screwed.
bex (10:42:59 AM): in a couple million years i'll be fertilizer
HSG (10:44:26 AM): damn straight you will be, once the turtle dinosaurs get to you, and the jellyfish sailboat
bex (10:44:51 AM): well, with that happy thought, i have to go to physics
bex (10:45:32 AM): turtle dinasaurs. pft.
HSG (10:45:38 AM): they're huge
bex (10:46:28 AM): i love that oyu saw like forty minutes of something on the discovery channel and it changed your life
bex (10:46:44 AM): you should watch more shark week
bex (10:46:51 AM): less apocalyptic, more funny
HSG (10:47:30 AM): animal planet. discovery channel is for people who want to learn stuff.
bex (10:48:05 AM): of course. i'm out.
HSG (10:48:18 AM): animal planet is for people who want to see a future animal that can only accurately be described as a cross between an ostrich and a pack of tigers
bex (10:49:29 AM): bye

I like it when that he makes me laugh before physics.


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