maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. -arthur miller


"It's a good thing we have classes, or else we'd be so goddamn bored all the time."

(quote courtesy of The Dish, in our 6 days before classes started when we pretty much sat around doing nothing all day.)

So it's been a big couple of days since my last post.

Started school. Three out of four classes so far, and they seem pretty good. I think I might be in over my head in a class on Duke Ellington, but that's what we overachievers call a challenge, right? Sure. Poli Sci and bio both sound manageable, and physics starts tomorrow. So while I'm looking forward to working hard, classes shouldn't be killer this semester.

I had a very intense dream the other night about a guy that I barely know. This swimmer named Blake. We had a class together last semester where we joked around a lot, and I've run in to him a few times this week. The dream was kinda graphic, truthfully. I was surprised by my own imagination! Anyway, I'm now totally on the lookout for Blake wherever I go. Totally weird and unexpected, but kinda fun, you know?

I'll end here with some pictures of my dog that Nanno and I took before I left home, because in all honesty, Abe might be cuter than Blake.


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