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the Tri-Not-Birthday

With the end of summer more or less upon us, Crazybrains, Nanno and I finally got around to celebrating all of our birthdays since we never get to be together on the real dates. First we tried to average the three, but more or less ended up with my birthday, when we aren't together. So then we gave up on any date that had an actual meaning, and settled on August 28th as our collective non-birthday.

Fancy dinner ensued. Lovely in every possible way.

I love exchanging presents with my best friends-- it's one of those times that giving is truly much much better than getting. (Not that the getting is so terrible...) CB and I got Nanno a very cool watch that she ended up loving and has been wearing since that night.

The funniest thing, though, was that CB and I got each other pretty much the same thing. We've been working on becoming tea snobs over the last year or so, and I think we're finally getting there. I got her a really pretty glass teapot and a bunch of loose ginger tea, and she got me an IngenuiTea and some loose green tea.

The IngenuiTea is basically the best tea invention ever, and everyone should check it out (watch the video on the site...it's awesome).

The best part of CB's present for me was a mug that she convinced our favorite 24-hour diner to sell her. It's heavy cream-c0lored porcelin and when I hold it in my hands it feels like I'm sitting in a booth in the middle of the night across from CB. I love it.

We spent about ten minutes on the floor laughing about the fact that we got each other the same damn thing. And then we made tea.


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