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The Queer as Folk series finale ended tonight, and god damn it, I got a little emotional.

Despite the fact that this show's heavyhanded political posturing is a little hard to take sometimes (like, everyone who watches is pro-gay marriage, gay adoption, gay everything. Bible-belt Christian Republicans probably don't make up a large part of the QaF audience), the characters are among the most appealingly realistic and well-rounded on TV.

So aside from being totally bummed that the show isn't going to be on anymore, I was pretty satisfied with the ending. Of course the Notting Hill-loving, Notebook DVD extra-watching part of me wishes that Brian and Justin had ended up living happily ever after, but I'll have to live with the ambiguous and character-appropriate ending they got. My only legit complaint is that Emmett got totally shortchanged-- his storyline got tied up too quickly and in a random (albeit happy) way. I feel for Peter Paige, who took what was initially a joke of a character and gave him such depth and meaning, and then was cheated out of a proper ending for his story. Poor guy.

Mostly I'll miss Sunday nights when Nanno and Crazybrains come over and my family sits down and ther we are, four 20-somethings and my 51 year old parents, enjoying the highly attractive men simulating gay sex and sometimes, just sometimes, making us cry.


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