maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. -arthur miller



There are certain songs that I know will bring back memories, recall long-ago moments. If I look at a list of songs I can probably pick out a few that will take me somewhere old.

Today Guster's "Happier" came out of my headphones on the way back from the gym. "Happier" isn't a song that I thought I associated with anything in particular, but as soon as it started my mind did a little flip. I went through a brief, regrettable Guster phase this year, with a few songs on heavy rotation on the iPod.

Suddenly, all of the dozens of things that were tying me to walking home from the gym on 2nd avenue at 7pm on this summer evening seemed to dissolve. Even though I knew I was walking past a Chinese restaurant, a bodega, a bar, with all the smells of a hot New York night, my mind was screaming "morning in the snow. on the way to class."

I know that I unconsciously tucked my chin to my chest to fight the non-existent January wind.

Trudging through the mid-July storm in running shorts and flip-flops, I felt snowflakes on my eyelashes.


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