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Today was a very long day.

Started out normal: woke up around 7:30, at work a little before 9. Instead of my regular day at work, I spent about six hours renewing my CPR certifications. Adult, child, and infant CPR and First Aid? You are all my bitches for the third year running. I own you, and I will soon have the valid Red Cross cards to prove it. Now, since I've done this a few times already, the re-cert class got pretty slow and my mind wandered, as it is apt to do. Instead of concentrating on, say, how to treat unconscious choking, in my head I was off on a whole thing about how the instructional video was so goddamn old, and how funny the hairstyles were, and how maybe this was those actors' first job ever and they are earning their SAG cards right in front of my eyes and isn't that exciting? Oh right. Heimlich. Got it. (Nice 'do, Lady With Heart Attack. In a very 1987 kind of way.)

So six hours of that. Then I spent the last few few hours at work doing my actual job in the playroom. I was playing Candy Land with a girl named Frangie, a sibling of a patient. For some reason I kept calling her "Frangia", and couldn't for the life of me figure out why.

Two hours later, on the train to meet The Dish at 42nd st, it occurred to me. It sounds like Franzia, the boxed wine we often enjoy in large quantities at school.

After work I went to the Mets game with The Dish and her sister and her sister's boyfriend. A very good (if somewhat rainy) time overall, and the Mets won, which is awesome. It was also fireworks night, so we were there til like 11:30 checking out the show, which was SO good. Probably one of the best of the season, other than the Macy's 4th of July show, which is impossible to get near anyway so this was great. Fireworks are magic.

The last part of the night was spent in Brooklyn, at a party with a ton of people I went to high school with. I dragged The Dish (who wasn't totally thrilled, but I think was pretty entertained by the drunken fools I grew up with), but she left after an hour or so. I stuck around and had a chance to catch up with some people. It was mostly very good, to see all these people that were once such an important part of my life-- my physics lab partner, the people I went to falafel with every day for lunch, the one who I always left parties with late at night becuase we grew up so close to each other.

At long last I'm back home, ready to sleep and sleep and sleep. Tomorrow night I'll see an old friend's band play, so that should be a good time.

Twenty-two hours since I last saw my bed. Like I said, it was a long day.


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