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As of about 1pm today, I am officially wisdom toothless.

I've been icing my face all day, and have determined that frozen peas are the best thing for the job. They stay remarkably soft and moldable to my cheek while at the same time retaining their low temperature for an impressive duration. Less well-suited to the job (but still functional) are frozen corn, tater tots, and coffee beans.

My fridge is stocked with orange jello, chocolate pudding, and home-made chicken soup (thanks, mom). Pretty much sticking to foods that have no independent shape for now. The more slurpable, the better.

J. and I made plans to see each other on Thursday. The plan is to see a movie, but if I'm feeling crappy he (very sweetly) offered to bring me soup and hang out on the couch. I'm hoping that if I ice my face nonstop I won't bet too chipmunky come Thursday...we'll see, anyway.

And in case you were wondering, actually do feel a little less wise since the removal of my wisdom teeth, but something tells me that's just the oxycodone talking.


  • At 7/20/2005 11:47 PM, Blogger Stacey said…

    I'm such a wuss... I was supposed to have had mine taken out six years ago, but never had the nerve to get it done. I hope you're not too icky-feeling and get to hang out with J tomorrow!


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