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What a long, strange...commute?

Most days my commute is boring and predictable. Like tens of thousands of other New Yorkers, I walk from home to the subway, take the subway a few stops, then walk from the subway stop to the hospital where I work. I get my amNewYork, squeeze on to the 4, and get an iced coffee outside the station on 14th street. Every day.

Today wasn't really different, per se, but I had a few unexpected moments.

First one came when I was across the street from the 86th street subway station. The filing deadline for NYC City Council is coming up soon, so lots of candidates have people on the streets collecting signatures to qualify to get on the ballot. I got cornered this morning not by a volunteer working for a canidate, but the candidate himself. So I sign his thing, and by then the light has turned red, which gives Mr. Dan Quart, candidate for City Council, the chance to try and bond with me for a few moments. We talk about where I went to high school and then I mention that I go to college in Massachusetts. I say goodbye as the light changes, and as I cross the street Candidate Quart calls after me "Do you want me to send you an absentee ballot??"

Now that is a thoughtful man. Quart for City Council!

Thing number two that happened on the way to work: my coffee guy remembered my order for the first time this summer. I'm officially a regular! I get an iced coffee with skim milk (no sugar) from the little breakfast cart outside the train station at 14th street, and today when I walked toward the cart he poured my coffee. I love being a regular. I've been a regular at a few different places for my morning coffee since about 10th grade, and it never ceases to put a little smile on my face to be recognized and remembered by my caffeine supplier. Love it.

Third thing: I found five bucks.


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