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An Open Letter to My Favorite Neighborhood Crazy Guy

Dear Guy I Like to Call "Dee Snider's Uglier Brother",

First off, let me say that I applaud you for managing to be crazier looking than the one of the craziest looking people ever, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.

You managed to up the crazy quotient significantly, particularly with your use of the Daisy Duke/thong hybrid that I think you invented yourself. It shows off your very old (but surprisingly perky) backside very well-- especially since you wear those lovely ripped-up black stockings underneath the thong contraption.

Your tight black tank top highlights your giant, unruly (and decidedly Snider-esque) salt-and-pepper mane. In short, I love you.

I'd especially like to thank you for the service you provide for your fellow New Yorkers. When you were crossing Second Avenue tonight, I was standing about two feet away waiting for the light to cross 84th street. I spent a moment admiring your whole getup, then the woman just to my left and I shared a laugh and an eye-roll. I had a nice little bonding moment with this stranger, all on your account.

So thanks for everything, you certifiable nutball. Keep it up.


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