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I'm on Google!

I try not to be too obsessive about it, but like any self-respecting egomaniac, I check my referral logs fairly regularly. For the first few months that I was writing here, my referrals were mostly BlogExplosion, then once I had a few people (with spectacularly good taste, of course) linking to me I started getting traffic from those. I also get some "unknown" referrals, which I guess means you people are finding your way to me on your own. God bless you, and get your asses back here as soon as possible.

Suddenly this week I started getting hits from Google searches. TOTALLY weirding me out, folks. I'm a result on Google! Small step for man? Sure. But a giant leap for...uhh...me.

I thought I'd share some of the ways people are ending up here:

-The following searches all ended up at this post, which I wrote one night when I couldn't sleep and apparently is of interest to many people: "true life i'm a twin mtv", "tia and tamara mowry", "twin boys on full house", and my personal favorite: "Full House: Nicky and Alex disturbing".
-to my post about the Numa Numa Guy: "numa numa guy", "funny numa numa guy", etc.
- the post where I admit to coveting Kim Jong Il's sunglasses: "photo of Kim jong-il with sunglasses"

I'm a result for "I'm in a shitty mood", "pope jokes" and "coming fall 2005" also. Though I don't think the "coming fall 2005" searcher was looking for my post about Britney Spears' baby.


  • At 6/04/2005 9:21 AM, Blogger mquest said…

    I usually come over to your site from Bloglines. I always enjoy looking through my search engine results. It is fun to imagine why people are searching for what brought them to put together such crazy search strings.


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