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Devonric + Carmindy 4eva

Here's a conversation I had online with my cousin a few nights ago. I was watching TLC's What Not to Wear, and it turned out she (in Chicago) was watching the same thing. In like twenty minutes of conversation we managed to cover all the stuff excerpted below.

The lesson in all of this? My family has a collective attention span of 17 frickin' seconds.

bex: my mom's new favorite show is mtv's true life
cousin em: hahaha nice
cousin em: mine is Kept
cousin em: i LOVE kept
bex: i lvoe kept too!!
bex: all my favorites get sent home though
cousin em: do you love Austen like i love Austen?
bex: i loved frank a little
bex: austen is growing on me a lot
cousin em: austen really is my soulmate i think.
bex: i didnt like him the first episode
cousin em: he's been my fav. since the first minute
bex: but now i do
cousin em: i think if he gets cut, i'll chase him down and nurse his egoo back to health
bex: good plan
cousin em: isn't he HOT?
bex: his mouth is kinda giant
bex: but it makes him distinctive i guess
cousin em: i likes it
cousin em: i like everything.
cousin em: also, i hate hate hate Ricardo and Slavco
bex: of course
bex: i cant stop making fun of devonric's name
bex: because it's silly
cousin em: hahahaha
cousin em: HAHA
cousin em: i agree
bex: but he is very very good looking
cousin em: he is
cousin em: it's true
: right now we're all watching what not to wear
cousin em: me too!
cousin em: haha
cousin em: that lady hates her hair
cousin em: i love carmindy, she and devonric should get married
bex: yes
cousin em: hahahaha
bex: aaah that's my new away message
cousin em: its all yours
bex: awesome
bex: i have no idea why people dont just follow the damn rules on this show
cousin em: i know
cousin em: they're assholes
bex: please don't be as ho-y as erin
cousin em: i'm not even a little hoy
cousin em: ho=y
cousin em: ho-y
cousin em: hoie
cousin em: hoey
bex: no good way to spell that
cousin em: slutty.
bex: right
cousin em: i gotta jet
cousin em: bye boo
cousin em: love you
bex: byye
bex: you too


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