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Too Much TV

HSG (11:58:36 PM): hey
HSG(11:58:38 PM): what's up?
bex (12:01:51 AM): nothing at all
HSG12:02:22 AM): daily show reruns and whatever's on vh1 kind of night?
bex (12:03:02 AM): pretty much
HSG(12:04:43 AM): i continue to recommend animal planet
bex (12:06:59 AM): let's see what's on...
bex (12:07:09 AM): ok i have no idea what number it is
HSG (12:08:19 AM): that's no excuse, you have a guide button. you press it all the time. you've mastered the ability to search the guide and continue to watch your show at the same time.
bex (12:08:43 AM): well that's definitely true
bex (12:08:45 AM): here it is
bex (12:09:02 AM): 86
bex (12:09:11 AM): "the planet's funniest animmals"
HSG(12:09:20 AM): oh that show blows
bex (12:09:25 AM): oh god
HSG (12:09:42 AM): get rid of mario lopez
HSG (12:09:50 AM): it's just sad
bex (12:10:07 AM): you know what else is sad?
HSG (12:10:42 AM): pigs named "squeal o'neal" jumping through hoops?
bex (12:10:57 AM): no (though...yeah.)
bex (12:11:11 AM): the fact that you know who the host of "america's funniest animals" is
HSG(12:12:00 AM): oh shut up, so do you
HSG (12:12:24 AM): once you turn on animal planet once and see ac slater talking to dog owners about dog tricks, you never forget it
HSG (12:12:46 AM): ...it's not like i watch the show
bex (12:12:52 AM): mmmmmmhm


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