maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. -arthur miller


So THIS is why I go to school here...

What with my dorm being invaded by mice and bats, the spectacularly unpredictable weather, and the feeling that I've eaten in each of the 5 local restaurants about 8000 times, it's easy to forget why I chose to go to school in the country.

72 degrees and sunny, today was made for college viewbooks. Classes were held outside on picnic tables under trees. People were throwing actual frisbees. The faint smell of almost-blooming lilacs mixed with freshly-cut grass made it hard not to smile as I squinted my eyes into the perfectly blue sky. Maybe not perfectly blue, but the only clouds were hand-drawn fluffy, Jet-Puffed above the Science Quad.

Granted, I spent half the day in the lab and half the day writing in the library, but the walk between my dorm and the library could not have been lovelier. After four months of grey winter, the mountains rising above campus are finally looking less spiny, more Bob Ross-esque (happy trees, people. keep up.).

In two weeks I'll be headed back to the City. Anyone who knows me knows that there is nowhere I feel more at home than New York. But you know what? I'm gonna miss my little town in the Berkshires.


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