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I think Presidential elections are simpler than this...

This weekend marked the official end of the spring rugby season, with our last game Saturday morning, and then our bi-annual tea party that night.

Now, when I say "tea party", you might think off a bunch of young ladies sipping Earl Grey, resting flowered teacups on saucers. Well, there is no English Breakfast at our tea parties.

Our tea isn't grown in China. Rather, the recipe comes from Long Island. And the only rule is that you have to "double fist" with a purple plastic cup of tea and a clear plastic cup of beer. Wonder why? Well, I think the reason has something to do with our tea recipe, which includes like five handles of liquor and a few liters of Coke(real, not Diet), all mixed together in a 5-gallon Gatorade cooler. Gotta love college-- the only time in your life that 30 smart young women (no guys in sight) will get all dressed up to barbecue and get completely ripped. It's a fun tradition.

This weekend we have our last two rugby events of the year: Spring banquet (bonfire with the men's rugby team, complete shitshow from what I remember from last year...I threw up in my friend Chris's sink. Lovely evening.), and then Awards & Elections, which takes place this coming Saturday morning, when we will still be drunk from banquet the night before.

Rugby elections, like any elections, are quite political. Just imagine 40 girls, all either drunk, hungover, or somewhere in between, getting completely worked up about things that frankly don't matter that much. It's important that our club has responsible people running it since it's a club team and thus entirely student-run, but the amount of intense debate (at least last year, my first on the team) is astounding.

The process goes something like this:
- Last week our current club president sent out an e-mail to all rising juniors and seniors asking us what positions we want.
- This week there is some politicking going on...this year's officers feeling out who they want to succeed them, prospective officers circling to see what position they might be nominated for.
-Saturday morning each current officer will nominate the person they want to succeed them, then anyone can nominate other people. Anyone nominated for a particular position then leaves the building, probably with a few drinks to pass the time.
- We sit and talk about those people, debating who will do a better job. This can take up to an hour or so for the "big" positions on the team (prez, captains).
-We vote. Candidates are brought back in, winner is announced.
-Rinse and Repeat for every officer position (there are about 10).

So yeah. I am in the middle of dealing with all this crap right now. It's dumb, but you gotta play the game, you know?


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