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Being Still like a Vegetable, Laying Like Broccoli

I am doing as Julia Roberts suggested in Pretty Woman.

I've spent the last day and a half sprawled out on the couch watching TV, catching up on everything the DVR has saved for me since the last time I was home. I'll start working soon, hopefully join the gym tomorrow, but for now, sitting here feels pretty damn good.

About three hours after I got back from Williamstown on Tuesday I had to be at a dinner with 25 friends of my family. In fact, all of the families met nine years ago when we all went on a trip to Israel. All good people, but all crazy Jews--certainly a high-energy group. Definitely not the place I wanted to be after very little sleep in the last week or so. Plus, when I get back to the city from school I tend to get very overwhelmed-- I need a quiet day or two to readjust to city life.

So I walk in to the dinner (which was held in a private room at a nice Italian place in midtown) with my brother and poor, poor Krystle, a friend from school to whom I had offered a place to crash before she flew home Wednesday and then I somehow sucked her in to going to this event. I saw my parents for the first time in a month and a half, and what was the first thing they said?

"Bex, you look like you need a drink. Go get one and then we'll talk."

God bless Grey Goose. Dinner wasn't half as painful as I'd feared it would be.

And now, back to my TV marathon. I've watched like six episodes of The L Word today (fyi: Showtime on Demand is ruining my life), plus like 6 other hours of television. I think I'm turning into asparagus.


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