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This joke will never get old...

...or at least hasn't yet.

Here's the AIM conversation we just had, where I continue to make fun of my best friend and her constant efforts to get out of going to things at the last minute. It's about meeting for breakfast tomorrow morning. (If you've read the last entry it will make more sense.)

[crazybrains] (3:09:36 AM): ok 10ish?
[crazybrains] (3:09:38 AM): 10
bex (3:09:39 AM): by the way, i really can't have breakfast
[crazybrains](3:09:44 AM): SHUT UP
bex (3:09:45 AM): i have to have lunch with my parents
[crazybrains] (3:09:46 AM): SHUT UP
[crazybrains] (3:09:50 AM): WHAT?
bex (3:09:50 AM): on staten island
[crazybrains] (3:09:51 AM): NO
[crazybrains] (3:09:57 AM): DIEDIEDIE
bex (3:10:02 AM): asdfhjkhasjdkhfhahahahahha
bex (3:10:14 AM): I WIN
[crazybrains] (3:10:25 AM): GET OUTTA MY FACE

aaaand I have to be up for 10am breakfast, so I should crash. Happy daylight savings, everybody.


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