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Redeeming moments

Today was crappy. Awful chem test that made me question my pre-med-ness, didn't make the line for our rugby match this weekend against our biggest rival, and there might have been a huge spider in my room very early this morning. All in all? Shitty.

There was one bright spot though.

As it turns out, I can be an enormous academic snob sometimes. Today was one of those times. My poli sci prof sent an email to the class, suggesting that we check out Krugman's op-ed in the Times today because it was relevant to what we've been doing in class (about Presidential accountability-- to his supporters? to all his constituents? Interesting and frustrating discussion, in light of current politics.).

Read it here, it's a good little piece.

So she sent it out, and I HAD ALREADY READ IT. And thought about how it fit in to class stuff. Sure, not a big deal. A really teeny deal, I guess. But I had a nice little moment of academic smuggery.* Feels good to actually recognize the real implications of what I'm learning...and to be a step ahead of the prof!

* I know smuggery isn't a word. It should be.


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