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Post-midterm slump

Seems that I'm in a bit of a slump. I spent most of last night in the computer lab doing a chem lab report, but other than that I've been having a lot of trouble buckling down to do my work this week. I've fallen behind in reading for three classes already-- not an impossible deficit to make up, but daunting.

Also, I got back a TERRIBLE grade on my chem midterm. Let's just say that it won't help me get in to med school in a year and a half. I'll go in and talk to the prof in the next few days to see what I can do to bring my grade up. Blech. Crappy situation altogether, but I need this class so I'll figure it out.

Everything is feeling kinda slump-y. Jen is really sick, so that sucks. She started feeling really bad on Sunday morning, then went to the emergency Sunday night and again this morning. Seems that she's got E. coli, which is affecting her kidneys, and possibly malaria. So she's completely miserable and on lots of antibiotics and pain killers. Fingers crossed that a) she'll get better soon, and b) that I don't get sick too (selfish? yes. deal.).

Sometimes when I come back to school from home I get kinda down on all my school friends. I've made great friends here in the last year and a half, and I'm thankful for that and overall I'm very happy here.

That said, my best friends on the planet are Nanno and Crazybrains, and I am the same to them. There's a feeling among the three of us that we are each other's favorite people, and not just out of habit.

The Dish, Jen, and the rest are great, but it's a very different friendship. I just miss being someone's favorite, and them being mine, you know? I'm not sure that it entirely makes sense the way I'm describing it. It mostly comes down to the fact that I was insanely, unfairly lucky to find Crazybrains when I was 12 and Nanno when I was 9. I'm totally spoiled by having the kind of friends we all deserve but few of us have, and leaving them totally sucks.

The three of us last summer:

So I'm feeling slumpy, but tomorrow the Mets are playing again and I think they and I are both going to have a pretty good day.


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