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Lost in New Hampshire

As I mentioned a few days ago, my first rugby game of the season was Saturday, at Dartmouth. Turned out to be a looooong day. Went something like this:

5:36 AM
Alarm goes off

5:42 AM
The Dish drags me out of my bed. We leave to meet the team about ten minutes later.

6:03 AM
Drive to Dartmouth in my captain Izzi's car. Stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast. So far, so good.

8:30 AM
Get to the rugby pitch in Hanover, bitch and moan that we could have slept another fifteen minutes and still been on time. Put on cleats, jerseys, etc., go for a short run, stretch, and warm up. More complaining about how early it is, how cold it is, how hard the ground is, how uncomfortable our cleats are, etc. from the team, which leads to complaining about how complain-y we are. Vicious cycle ensues.

A-side game starts. I play B-side, so I spent the 90 minutes alternately cheering my team on and muttering under my breath about how badly they were playing. They lost, 21-7. Coach not happy.

11:45 AM
B-Side plays. Our game was only 60 minutes (thank GOD), so I run my lil' self ragged trying to keep the other team back. We must have had fifteen scrum downs in each half, and if you play rugby you know how tiring that can be. I played tight prop, and did an okay job. Not thrilled with my tackles, but I'll work on it.

12:50 PM
I stumble defeated off the pitch. Final score: 12-7 Dartmouth. Plans are made to order pizza and hang out with the other team for a little while. I give money to the people ordering pizza. I get in a car that is making a stop before going to the place where the pizza is.

1:30 PM
No pizza left when I get to the place. I am very sad, but too tired to really care. Drink two beers and get in Beth's car to go back to school.

3:00 PM
Beth (who had typed out directions for all the cars the night before): We take 9E, right?
All of us in the car (without consulting directions): Sure, Beth! blah blah talky talky not paying attention to the road.

4:46 PM
bex: Hey, why is the Man in the Mountain still on the roadsigns? I thought that was just a New Hampshire thing.
bex: Holy SHIT, are we still in NEW HAMPSHIRE??
Everyone begins to realize that NH is indeed east of Massachusetts, and 9E probably wasn't the right way to go. and then we all want to cry. a lot.

5:30 PM
Finally backtracked far enough that we are on 9W. Still in if-we-don't-laugh-we'll-cry mode.

7:02 PM
Dropped off at my dorm. Internet not working. Sigh.

Like I said, it was a long day.


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