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Hurts so Good (Yeah, I'm quoting Mellencamp. I know.)

Spring rugby season officially started up this week. I am SO sore from the last few days of practice, but it's a good kind of sore. Every time I shrug my shoulders I feel nine different muscles in my back that I had forgotten existed at all creaking back to life. I haven't done a push up in six months, so those alone are kicking my ass. I have my very first rugby bruises of the season, and as I sit here on my bed I feel a dull ache in my right hip, soreness all up and down my legs, arms, and back, and in general it feel great.

My team was supposed to go to Springfield, MA tomorrow for a match, but the other team canceled on us and now we're going to Dartmouth. This is bad on several levels:
1. They are great team, so the game is going to be really tough and there is an excellent chance that we'll just get pummeled.
2. Hanover is like 2.5 hours away from here so we're going to have to get up REALLY early. And the last time we had a game up there (in October) the car I was in got in an accident and I never made it to the game. So I'm really excited for the drive...
3. HSG goes there. I haven't written anything about him lately, but we're talking fairly regularly again (though not in the last week or so). It's a bit strained, but we've had some serious conversations and I think we'll be back to our normal rythm eventually. That said, I'm not sure I want to see him tomorrow, especially since it will be for like 15 minutes and we haven't seen each other in forever, and I'll be all sweaty and rugby-y. Not ideal. I left him a message last night saying I was gonna be up there, so we'll see.

Here's my team after a very rainy game this fall:


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