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Just because scheduling seems to never, ever work out in my favor, I'm going to have to move out of my dorm about half an hour after my chem final next month. My extreme lack of car (and lack of being picked up from school) means that I will have to move myself out of here on my own. To decrease the amount of shit that I will need to take with me when I move out, my mother suggested that I bring as much stuff home as possible when I go home tomorrow for the weekend.

Good idea, right? But here's the problem.

My stuff generally falls in to two categories: stuff I need only at school or in the Winter, and stuff I need all the time. Stuff I need only at school or in the Winter will get stored here in MA for the summer, so that's easy. But what about the (much larger) category of stuff I need all the time?

Now sure, "need" is relative. But I like my shit. I like having the full rainbow of tank top colors, and my little library of comfort-food books, and something like 35 t-shirts so I don't have to do laundry all the time and also don't have to wear dirty stuff to practice every day.

So then I was thinking that maybe I can bring home all my movies. They take up a lot of room and I will want them over the summer.

But then that will never work. What if I get a sudden hankering to watch The Goonies? It's not totally out of the question that I'll come home from the library one night reeeally wanting to watch The American President for the 973rd time, and goddamn if I'm gonna give up my West Wing dvd's during finals. So I guess the dvd's will stay.

Okay then, how about my wool sweaters and corduroys and sweatshirts and all of that? I can part with the cords, I guess. But what the hell do I need those for at home? The sweaters too, except then they will get dry cleaned, which wouldn't be terrible. Also? It's still like 40 degrees here at night, so on second thought, I need my sweaters.

My snowboard? Totally useless to me for the next four weeks. And for the entire summer. I guess it goes in storage.

My Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker. Yes! That's it. I got it as a gift a few months ago and will make it through the next month just fine without it, then can waste hours going through the endless stream of cartoons all summer. The book can go.

Everything else stays.


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