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The best April Fool's jokes are the ones that make people feel bad about themselves.

Well, sort of.

Crazybrains has this bad habit of committing to plans that she doesn't really want to go through with. This week for example, she made a vague commitment to go for sushi with some old friends that she doesn't care much for anymore, and then a few hours beforehand she backed out. Similarly, a school friend thought they were going to Staten Island one day, and CB called her that morning to say she had to have lunch with her folks. Needless to say, she had no excuse for either event (other than hanging out with me), and all the other parties ended up pissed off. She and I talked about how she does this all the time, and how much simpler it would be just to say "Sorry, I don't think I can do sushi this week", instead of "Wednesday sounds OK, give me a call later" when she's planning on canceling at the last minute.

So on April Fools Day Crazybrains and I were planning on going to the Metropolitan Museum for the day. The day before we agreed to around 11, get bagels, and sit on the steps outside the museum and have breakfast. So in the shower that morning I decide to tell CB when we talked around 10:45 that I couldn't go. I had a whole speech planned. I was going to go on and on about how I couldn't go, and maybe it was a better idea for her to go hang out with the friend she had ditched the day before (Staten Island girl), and that I would call her later maybe.

Of course, on the phone I chickened out, and just went with the "uhh, I just woke up, can we meet in like three hours?" which she tooootally fell for, and was all "Really? Oh. Well, I guess. Really? I thought we were gonna-- well, okay. Hm. I guess."

At that point I started giggling and told her I'd walk by her place in ten minutes.

I told her later what the original plan was, and she agreed that I would never have made it two sentences in without laughing.

I'll end this with some of the pieces we spent time with at the Met:

Crazybrains is an art history major, and has been studying Chinese imperial art lately, so we saw a lot of that.

We spent more time in European art than I usually do, which was a nice change. This Goya has always creeped me out a little, but I like it.

This is the Duccio that the Met spent like $30 million on last year. I'd seen it before, but CB hadn't so we checked it out. It is much smaller than you'd think. The NYT printed a picture of it in it's actual size when it came to the Met, but somehow I didn't believe it till I saw it myself.

Back to school tomorrow. Soooo much work undone. But that's for tomorrow night.


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