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Technical Difficulties

No big post today or for the next few days, because my laptop charger died. My poor little powerbook is now running on fumes. I've been borrowing a power cord for like an hour at a time from people in my dorm, but that basically powers my quality time with Excel for chem.

The new charger is ordered (ebay is my new bestest pal), and should be here soon. But for now, every minute I spend on my computer is very stressful because the only thing I can think of is "Holy crap my battery is down to 12% shit shit shit SHIT I am never going to finish my paper and I'm going to lose all three of my readers on pushing20 if I don't post and fucking shitty HELL." (aaaaand exhale.)

So I'll just say that we've gotten over a foot of snow since yesterday, and it is beautiful here. Every tiny twig and pine needle has its own little white blanket. Country snow is a whole different can o' beans from city snow.

What I do miss are those moments in the city when it's snowing really hard, and if you're in the right spot (especially on parts of 5th Ave, though certainly in other places around the city) and you put your hand right up under your eyes and look at just the tops of the old buildings, blocking out the cabs and the people and the streetlights, you can imagine for a second that you're in New York City in 1895 or something, and it is completely magical.

(battery is down to 9%. crap.)


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