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Midterms = Hell

I'm stuck in midterm hell. I handed in my poli sci paper (on the opportunities for power in the contemporary American Presidency versus the possibility of leadership) at 7. I finished writing it all of 52 minutes beforehand-- left just enough time for dinner before class. So that's one down!

When I get overwhelmed by school work I try to take things one at a time: hand in one paper, move on to the next, then finish studying for an exam, etc. The problem this week is that everything is happening at once. So psci is done, but my p-chem exam is Wednesday evening, and my American Studies paper is due Thursday. Chem is going to have to take precedence for the rest of tonight (not to mention I have to prep for tomorrow's lab) and tomorrow night, which leaves NO time for my amst paper. I'm trying to squeeze in my research when I have free hours during the day; I've printed a bunch of articles of jstor and am working my way through them slowly. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I'll have my topic nailed down tight, and will be able to sit down and write after my test Wednesday night. I talked to the prof a few days ago, and we were kicking around some ideas about broadcast journalism in the 1960's. All interesting stuff, but I don't quite have an angle on it yet. It'll come, hopefully. Or else I'll miss my bus outta here on Thursday afternoon and be VERY sad.


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