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Link-Pimpin' Sunday

In the spirit of the Real Genius quote from a few days ago, this entry is "yet another in a long series of diversions in an attempt to avoid responsibility". (Responsibility in this case being my poli sci paper.)

Anyway, here are the things sucking up my precious time today, and many, many other days:

Egg Radio

I'm loving this internet radio station right now. It's been on more or less nonstop in my room for the past few days. No commercials, tunes not limited to top 40 stuff, but at the same time not music-snobby at all. Today alone I've heard James Brown, Radiohead, Lo-Fidelity All-Stars, Velvet Underground, and Schoolhouse Rock. Best of all, between songs you get clips from Family Guy, Princess Bride, Young Frankenstien, and others. A display of all-around excellent taste. Check it out.

Utter Wonder

I just added this link to my sidebar. C. Monks has a blog, stories, and some other things up on the site. He's insanely funny. Pretty much the site I was dreaming about when I created the "Waste Some Time" links category. For one of those moments when you feel like an idiot laughing at a computer in a crowded room full of quiet people working, check out the "Letters to Star Jones" section in your school's science library (like I, uh, didn't. I swear.).

The Redhead Papers: Straight to Hell
An entry from a site I read sometimes that demanded more widespread attention, because few people can bring The Funny as effectively as Erin does here. Warning: if you are offended by pope jokes, stay the hell away. But "popecoaster"? Hee.

More links to come, especially if you dig those.


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