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"You're going to need your soul one day Wendy, and you don't have one."

I watched most of the Project Runway finale last night when it was re-run at 11pm. What an awesome show. In most reality TV, the participants say shitty things about each other behind each other's backs, to the cameras and to other contestants. In Project Runway they do that too, but they ALSO come right out and tell each other they hate each other, and exactly why.

Kara Saun (why do they always call her by both her names?? Whatever. Fashion designers are wierd, as this show definitively proved) was one deeevious beeyotch. She had shoes made for her by Dollhouse, clearly by promising them she would say the name of the company 2334 times on TV. In the most obvious twist ever, the producers saw through that shit and called her on it. Nice try, Kara Saun. You lose. But not as much as Wendy "Hugest Bitch EVER, but cute offspring justify that, right?" Pepper, whose designs looked mostly like you could buy them in Nordstroms or something.

So Jay won. Good for him. He was as catty and bitchy as he could possibly be, which I completely appreciate.

Auf Wiedersehen, Project Runway. You Ah Een, as Heidi Klum would say.


  • At 2/26/2005 11:31 AM, Blogger Cindy said…

    I loved Project Runway. I watched it from the middle, but it was a great show.

    Go to the Bravo website to watch Austin's runway show. They hadn't aired the episode that Austin had gotten kicked off yet by the time Fashion Week rolled around, so they asked him to do a show as well.


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