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tap tap tapping at my dorm room door, and TFF relived

So last night I got home around 2, and turned out the lights to go to sleep an hour or so later. I haven't been feeling great lately, so I wasn't entirely surprised that it was taking a while to fall asleep. When my eyelids were finally getting heavy and I had stopped fidgeting in my bed, I started hearing this tapping noise. Usually, when something like this happens I yell through our shared bathroom to The Dish to see if she hears it too (this was how it worked when there was we had a mouse problem a few months back...I hear a mouse, I yell "hey [Dish], do you hear that???") but this weekend The Dish was away for the weekend and I was on my own.

After about half an hour of my eyes darting around in the dark and my blanket pulled up tight under my nose, I turned on my light, hoping that would scare away whatever scary monster was tapping on my door. So I locked my door tight and wrote the blog post about twins to pass the time. I finally went to sleep at around 5:30 am.

Woke up around 2 and wandered down the hall to the kitchen, where I found some movies someone had rented and left there. One of the movies was L'Auberge Espagnole.

A few years back, Crazybrains recieved as a gift from her mother $100 and a schedule of films for the Tribeca Film Festival. Now, most people would call some friends, buy tickets for one screening and go out to dinner all together afterwards. Not Crazybrains. Good pal that she is, she calls me right up and orders me to our regular coffee spot that minute. She dropped the brochure on the table, and we set to work planning what would be a really awesome couple of days.

We ended up with tickets to six movies over three days. We saw two movies that I remember being totally incredible, three that were good but didn't totally knock me out, and one that was maybe the worst movie either of us have ever seen. The best were Shaolin Soccer, one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and Justice, which remains one of the very few reflections on 9/11 that I have found deeply meaningful.

The night we saw the terrible movie, whose name I won't mention but I can pretty much guarantee didn't get wide distribution, there was an ENORMOUS line for another movie, L'Auberge Espagnole. Turns out, that crowd knew a hell of a lot more than we did, that movie was really good.

Anyway, watching L'Auberge this morning made me think of those three crazy days with Crazybrains, where we went straight from school to the movie theater every day and stayed downtown 'til way after midnight, seeing movies and going out for thai food in a creepy restaurant and enjoyin all the little perks of the festival.

It was a great time, and I called Crazybrains earlier today to tell her I was thinking about it, and we agreed that in a few years when we're (hopefully) back in NYC during the festival we're going to hit it just as hard again. I can't wait.


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