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Pictures from The Gates

I'm back on campus, so I uploaded all my pictures from the weekend. Here's a few that I like...more to come when I get everything that Crazybrains took on her camera.

I think the light is kind of beautiful in this one. The color was great when the sun was out.

Again, I just like this one.

Crazybrains in her Elvis glasses hugging one of the gates. There's an identical picture of me doing the same thing on her camera, I think. It was fucking cold, but we're hardcore so it was cool.

I started getting all artsy on this one: I was practically laying down on Bow Bridge, over the boat pond. It came out shitty, and I love it.

The light isn't as good in this one, but I love how the buildings on Central Park West hover above Central Park.

So in conclusion, I decided that the Gates might be pointless. I can't figure out what Christo was thinking. That having been said, they were loads of fun to walk through, if only to see all the crazy people that turned out to see 'em. Never have I seen such a concentration of middle-aged crazies, elementary school field trips, and tourists of all stripes all in the same place in the City. It was great.


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