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I know he's in the Axis of Evil, but...

kim jong il
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I was reading an article in the Times today and realized something. I covet Kim Jong Il's glasses. I'm a fan of big, funny sunglasses, and these really do take the cake.
White rims? check.
Hugely oversized? check.
Lenses that juuust barely keep any sun out? check!
I don't generally want to dress like an oppresive dictator (exhibit A: Castro. That's a whooole lotta green.), but if wanting those glasses is wrong, I don't want to be right.

If they're standard-issue North Korean gear maybe I can find a pair on Ebay. Maybe if we all dressed a little more alike, we wouldn't be pointing quite so many nukes at each other. Damn Axis of Evil, and their sweet, sweet sunglasses.


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