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I did it all for the cookies

I gave blood today.

I love donating blood. Now, I'm not (totally) crazy; I hate being stuck with the giant needle, and the sight of a pint of my own blood going through a tube that isn't, you know, my vein isn't exactly heartwarming. What I DO love is the idea that I can spend an hour of my day answering a few questions and lying on a table and save a few lives in the process.

Saving lives is great, and I like that it's so easy to give blood, but the real clincher comes at the end. The good folks at the American Red Cross will not let you leave the donation site until you have spent fifteen minutes recovering after donation. And by recovering, they mean having juice and cookies. MANDATED juice and cookies! It's like preschool all over again, but without the sippy cups.

I thought I would go to my chem lab and get some stuff done today, but of course I chose the one afternoon this week that it would be locked. So I had left my warm bed to trek all the way to a locked door. I'll have to go back on Thursday, which is a pain in my ass, but not a huge one. On the way back to the dorm I passed the church that is situated in the middle of my college (which I think I'm gonna call it TinyU around here from now on) campus and saw that there was a blood drive going on.

Needless to say, I hit that. With the free cookies and all, how could I say no?


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