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I <3 DVD extras

Usually, DVD extras suck. I was looking at my friends Dirty Dancing DVD, which includes an entire disc of extras. Included are gems such as:
"Commentary by Kenny Ortega (choreographer), Miranda Garrison (assistant choreographer and actress Vivian Pressman in the film), Jeff Jur (director of photography), Hilary Rosenfeld (costume designer), and David Chapman (production designer)"
...AKA "we couldn't get anyone important to do this, so here are...some people who were on the set sometimes, or stopped being famous even before Jennifer Grey
" Collectible packaging"
Uhhh, ok. Can I sell the box on ebay? No? Then it is officially not a collectible. I can sell all the old New Yorkers lying around my room for more than that box would get, and those magazines are basically garbage now.
And finally, " Music videos: Hungry Eyes, She's Like the Wind, (I've Had) The Time of My Life"
Just what I've been waiting for! The opportunity to watch Patrick Swayze get his groove on in "She's Like the Wind" anytime I want. God, that song is a piece of steaming crap.

So that is an example of the usual shit-level of DVD extras. My friends and I rented The Notebook the other day, and besides enjoying the movie, the deleted scenes were steeeea-maaay. Everyone loves the extended sex scenes-- especially the "everyone" that was sitting in my room tonight. So well done, good people who made the DVD of The Notebook. 19-year-old girls everywhere appreciate your efforts.


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