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First (of many) rants

I've made the executive decision that on this blog, I'm gonna name names. Kinda. If it's going to be where I dump my thoughts, I should dump more or less what I'm thinking, right?

I'll take that silence as a yes.

I'm a sophomore here at TinyU, and I live in a dorm. I picked in to the dorm this year with three of my closest friends at school, and the three of us tend to do a lot of things together. The problem? One of the four is driving the rest of us crazy.

Fooliet (which is not her name but is pretty close) has been annoying me since we met as neighbors in our freshman dorm. I had a single room next door to Fooliet and Jen. Now, I am a fairly easily annoyed person, so in general I tend to surround myself with people who don't piss me off on a regular basis. Living next door to each other and then playing the same sport and having VERY similar social lives has made this impossible, so in general I've tried to have fun with her and ignore that which annoys me, but it has never really worked out.

When I started college last year, I wasn't new to drinking. Lots of people have to figure out their boundaries during their freshman year. I had done plenty of figuring out in high school and could handle myself just fine. Fooliet couldn't. At all. At first that was OK, and understandable-- we've all been taken care of at some time or another, and I see it as my karmic duty to take care of my drunk friends, because I've passed out on people's laps at parties, thrown up in their toilets (and sinks...but that's for another day). So the first two times it happened, Jen, the junior advisors in my dorm, and I took care of her and stuck her in Jen's bottom bunk when she clearly couldn't get to her bed up top. After a few repeat performances, we started to get kinda pissed. OK, feel out your limits. God Bless. Good for you. But don't ruin every freakin' Saturday night of the semester.

This year, her drinking is just as bad. Jen, the Dish (our 4th), and myself go to parties and have to worry about how Fooliet is doing the whole time. Now, we all drink. In fact, we drink to ridiculous excess. It's our god-given right as college students, and we're gonna use the excuse for as long as the world will let us. That said, we like to (at least mostly) remember what happened the night before when we wake up. Plus, we know how to drink and have fun and not die. Fooliet, on the other hand, sucks down the drinks, regardless of how strong they are and how drunk she already is. More often than not she gets sick either the night of the party, or the morning after. Jen, the Dish, and I try to look out for her-- not leave the party unless we know she's ok, etc. So she knows that if she DOES get out of control, we'll make sure she makes it home and doesn't die. A few times she's told us the next day that we "didn't have to take care of [her]". Uhhh, yes we did. Or else she would wake up on the steps of the house where the party was, in a pool of her own vomit. So Jen, the Dish and I talk about it every so often, and we come to the conclusion that we're not sure we can just not take care of her, because, well, we care. And as much as we would like to teach her a lesson or something, that just seems like a terribly risky way to do it. So instead we have people pour her weak drinks, which just makes her think she can handle even more, despite the fact that the drinks might have like a half a shot in them. It's a bit of a lose-lose, at this point.

On top of the terrible drinking habits, Fooliet smokes like a chimney BECAUSE SHE THINKS IT LOOKS COOL. Now, the Dish used to smoke in high school and last year, and worked very hard to kick the habit. These days she'll have a smoke every so often if we're out or something. On one such occasion, Fooliet turns to the Dish and says "Wow, [Dish], you look so cool when you smoke. I'm working on it, but I think I look really awkward with it." To which I say...Holy Crap. I thought that smoking to look cool was something people did in Boy Meets World or something, before realizing it was bullshit. Now, there are lots of reasons to start smoking. Most are crap, as I think a lot of smokers would agree. But to ADMIT that you are smoking to "look cool"? Jeez.

Like many, many other college students, Fooliet also has terrible eating habits, and won't listen to thos who care about her saying that maybe she should eat some more before we go out (which adds to the booze problem). She likes awful europop, and has a whole litany of tooth-grindingly annoying habits. Not an easy person to live with.

Jen said the other day that it's gotten to the point where there are times where she just looks over and sees Fooliet and gets pissed off. It's bad. I'm hoping that Fooliet decides to study away all year next year. Fingers crossed.


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