maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. -arthur miller


"Daniel's approach is, like, so Bob Barker"

Anyone who knows me knows I love TV. I love it. Lurrrrve it. I just do. One new show this year that has been ridiculous, unexpected, catty fun is Project Runway, on Bravo. It's a completely awesome show that often produces quotes like the one in the title for this post, which came from one of the finalists, Jay. And the bitchiness isn't only about the clothing they have to design for the challenges: the contestant seem to genuinely dislike one another, and aren't afraid to voice it. For example, reject Vanessa offers this about Wendy, a finalist: "We were all really nice to you because we felt sorry for you because you're such a terrible designer and like, a mother of however many children and you live in the middle of wherever," Vanessa, 34, a Englishwoman with a loose upper lip, wails. " (The quotes are from this NYT article that I came across today.)

When I was home in late January I went out to dinner and to see Avenue Q with my Mother one night. While walking through Times Square to the theater, who did we happen to see? The aforementiond Jay, of course! Also Kara, the third finalist. My mother being, well, my mother, she insisted on going up to both of them and telling them how much she loved the show, as I laughed and laughed behind her at the mere confirmation that people that ridiculous do, actually, exist. They were both very nice, if clinically insane.

You never know who you're going to run in to in Times Square. This time it was the people from Project Runway, a few years ago a huge praying mantis landed on Nanno's shoulder in Times Square....I try to avoid it, what with all the giant insects and reality stars running around.


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