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Best. Scandal. Ever.

More and more, the Bush administration is just plain scary. Check this one out. According to the White House press office, a guy who runs four gay escort/porn sites and owes $21,000 in back taxes is qualified to cover the president, and Maureen Dowd, a reporter for the New York Times with White House credentials from 1986 until Ari Fleischer denied her a reneweal in 2000, is not. Did I mentioned that the tax evader also uses a fake name? Apparently he enters the West Wing with his (real) drivers license that said "James Gluckert", and goes under "Jeff Gannon" in the briefing room. Hm. Maybe it's because THERE ARE NAKED PICTURES OF HIM ON THE INTERNET (that he put there himelf), AND HE ISN'T A REAL REPORTER

There is no way this country can stand for a president that is actively stopping members of the mainstream media from covering him. Instead, porn mini-magnates who throw softballs at the press secretary for a conservative website get issued credentials.

I've been reading for one of my classes about Nixon's efforts to expand the power of the president, and his disdain for any sort of accountability measures in government, but surely Bush takes the cake. This is the kind of article that gets me all riled up and pissed off. Arrrgh.

Here's some more awesome coverage of this MOST excellent scandal:

This site
has the Daily Show clip from last night, and it is AWESOME. This kind of thing is the reason the Daily Show is as important as it is to my generation-- it is smart, funny, and tells the truth.

Frank Rich's column
in the Times this week is about Jeff Gannon/James Gluckert, and the general farce that is White House coverage these days.

Atrios, AmericaBlog (where the story broke), dailyKos, and Wonkette are also at their very best with this one.

In less thoroughly disturbing news, I'm heading back to the city in a few hours, and I couldn't be more excited for it. Should be a good time.


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