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back in the city so nice they named it twice

It's good to be back in New York, as I predicted.

I got back yesterday around 10pm, and went for excellent sushi with my dad. God, it's nice to be back in a place where you can get (a) good sushi and (b) dinner delivered at 10. After that I pretty much ate cookies that my mom made and watched TV. Crazybrains got in to the city around midnight, so I met her for coffee at our diner, but we were tired so didn't do much.

Today Crazybrains and I went to the Brooklyn Museum, where she worked last summer. It was a sort of combo kiss-up-to-her-boss-for-another-summer-job / see the Marilyn Monroe photo exhibit trip. We grabbed lunch at an awesome diner out on Washington Ave, a few blocks from the museum. It's called Tom's Restaurant, and has been there for about 70 years. It's a kitchy old place, with walls covered in seven decades of reviews, photos of stars that have stopped by, and lots of fake flowers. We loved it.

We headed back in to Manhattan around 1, and hit the park to see The Gates. It was incredibly beautiful, if pointless. I'm glad I came back for it since it'll be gone forever in about a week. I'll post pictures Sunday or Monday when I have some time. We took a lot of pictures of the two of us together, and loads of pictures of the park in all its wintery glory.

Then came dinner at home with the family, including assorted extended family members in town for Toy Fair and to see The Gates. After that I went to the Comedy Cellar with Crazybrains and my cousin. Comedy Cellar is usually reliable for a good show and a lively crowd any night of the week, but they kind of failed me tonight. We hit the 12:30 show, and it lasted under two hours. There was one AWESOME performer (Sherrod Small), a few that were good (Russ Menever, who I usually love but wasn't "on" tonight, and Rick Crom), and a few guys that kind of bombed. Disappointing, but that doesn't mean I won't be back there next time I come home. It's my place, and I like it despite disappointing me tonight.

So all in all, home is good. I haven't even thought about HSG at all (well, uh, except now. And today when I walked past the building where he grew up. But other than that. I swear.) It's good to be with Crazybrains, and just to be sitting in my living room at home. Tomorrow I think CB and I are heading downtown for a little shopping, then I'll meet up with my brother for a walk through the park. This is a good city.


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